Center for New Media Design

Need help with digital projects?

The Center for New Media Design is committed to supporting students during all stages of the design process, including creating and designing presentations, posters, flyers, illustrations, infographics, photographs, and brochures.


Fall Term hours
Monday–Friday, 8am-5pm



Adobe Creative Cloud software is installed on the Center for New Media Design computers, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Animate, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.


Digital SLR cameras are available for students, faculty and staff to check out for class assignments, events, and other curricular needs. Camera are checked out for seven days. The Center for New Media Design does not check out cameras for the entire quarter.


Scanners are available that scan documents quickly and efficiently, up to 40 pages per minute. For larger items or books, flatbed scanners are on hand too.

Color and Large Format Printing

Students have the ability to print color documents on-demand in the Center for New Media Design. (The computer labs have black and white printing only.) The Center has several professional photo and fine art printers, along with a large format printer for larger posters or artwork. There is a fee for printing. Print credits are not accepted.

SIP Posters & Presentations

If you are presenting your SIP at a symposium, the Center for New Media Design can help with your poster or presentation. SIP poster templates are available, preset to the standard poster size of 48″x36″. If you need a poster printed, please contact for the submission deadline.

3D Printing

3D printing is available to current students, faculty and staff.

Virtual Reality (VR) Lab

The Virtual Reality Lab is hosted inside the Center for New Media Design in room 141. In order to use the VR lab, a waiver needs to be signed.

Peer Design Consultants

Peer Design Consultants support their peers with their design projects. They can help with everything from conceptualizing the first steps to polishing a nearly finished project. Stop in the Center for New Media Design to meet with a consultant.

Elena Basso

Nix Cordeiro

Rachel Alarcio

Jalen Iereneo

Noah Castorena

Staff Contact

For assistance, please contact:

Kathryn Lightcap

Kathryn Lightcap

Graphic/Multimedia Designer
Chat with me in Microsoft Teams

Additional Information

Technical Troubleshooting

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