English as a Second Language

ESL and academic support sessions are available online!

Wherever you are, the ESL Center is right here ready to help.

 Academic consultations – writing, presentations, time management, or whatever you are working on.

  • Outside concerns – balancing home and school work or structuring your schedule while social distancing.
  • Practice with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other platforms.

Request an Appointment

You can request an appointment via the Writing Center’s Online Appointment Scheduler. Be sure to select “Learning Support and ESL” under AVAILABLE SCHEDULES.

Online Consultations

Reach the ESL Center via chat on Teams with questions and appointment requests.

Teams and Zoom available. We’re flexible and willing to try out new software with you.

 Asynchronous Feedback

Send work through email for written feedback with or without virtual follow ups. Send your work and your questions to Candace at ccombs@kzoo.edu